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Services Offered

Products Handled:
    - Raw materials as well as finished goods (ex. yarn, auto parts, machine parts, flooring, non hazardous chemicals, etc.)

Solutions Provided:
    - Product Distribution Center (local, regional, national)
    - Complete Shipping and Receiving services, including all related document creation
    - Complete inventory management
    - Pick, Inspect, Pack and Ship services customized to the client's needs                                                              
    - Customized product barcoding including DataBar, DataMatrix, and QR Code
    - Ship by client chosen carrier or use our in-house carrier(and sister company) - Vaughan Xpress, Inc.
    - Cross-dock, recoup service,claims assistance, sorting, disposal, packaging transfer as well as other
       services provided and customized to the client's need

Additional Solutions Offered:
    - Storage trailers rented weekly, M2M or Long Term Lease
    - Storage or Workspace rental for special projects
    - Parking or drop yard for tractors, trailers or other equipment

Call us today to discuss your needs 706-882-3555 or email our team at

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